In this new year, What’s Really Good? takes a look at different topics at the intersections of Community, Culture, and Politics. As a musician and educator, I believe in necessary for the world to be part of your art, whether it simply informs your perspective or makes its way into the creation itself. Most of the guests and I have been brought together by music, but connect with some much more than just that, which is why their perspectives and knowledge are important to me. I’ll always have featured music on as well! Join us on this journey to find out What’s Really Good?!

What’s Really Good – a roundup of what popped, what flopped, what stayed hot, and what’s next! Guests will join Jeanette to talk about their moves this month, what’s next for them and what they thought about the month.

Host Bio: Jeanette Berry is a singer, songwriter, educator, and content creator based in New York. In her travels around the world and journey in life, she’s realized how powerful her voice is-both sonically and emotionally. She’s exploring the world of radio and bringing her views, opinions and musical taste to Skye’s Crescent Radio!

Follow me twitter/Instagram @jb_soulnerd @soulnerds

Follow me twitter/Instagram @jb_soulnerd @soulnerds
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